Compare Diffs and Sync Oracle Table Data

dbForge Data Compare for Oracle is a powerful, fast, and easy-to-use tool for Oracle database comparison and synchronization. It helps you quickly compare data in two or more tables, find the differences at a glance, and generate a script to effortlessly synchronize data. All this is done in a clear graphical interface.

How the Tool Can Help DBAs, Developers, and Enterprise?

  • Compare data in Oracle databases to detect changes
  • Analyze data differences between two databases
  • Synchronize two databases that went out of sync
  • Generate data comparison reports in Excel and HTML formats
  • Generate SQL*Plus script to update data in one database to match another
  • Reduce system downtime caused by data replication errors
  • Accelerate application development thanks to fast deployment of data changes
  • Enable data synchronization for databases that run on Oracle standard edition
  • Build custom data synchronization scenarios at low cost
  • Copy look-up data from development database to production

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Why choose our tool?

Oracle Data Compare Benefits

  • Custom data synchronization scenarios that are not available with standard Oracle packages
  • Outstanding performance when comparing large databases
  • Wide support of Oracle server versions

dbForge Compare Bundle for Oracle

Devart offers Data Compare for Oracle and Schema Compare for Oracle in one package dbForge Compare Bundle for Oracle. Save hours of work comparing and deploying Oracle databases – buy dbForge Compare Bundle for Oracle now and double your success!

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What people say

I really like the dbForge Data Compare tool. It rocks! We have previously used DbDiff for Oracle. It is not developed any longer, contains bugs, and does not support anything newer than Windows XP. I have already found out that dbForge Data Compare tool handles almost everything we did in DbDiff for oracle and the interface is much better...

Fredrik Lann

Your company and support have been fantastic. I think the product is excellent and I use it daily.

Jerry Thill, Architect I, Origin Consulting