Collect and Analyze SQL Server Trace Data

dbForge Event Profiler for SQL Server is a FREE tool that allows you to capture and analyze SQL Server events. The events and data columns are stored in a physical trace file for later examination. You can use this information to identify and troubleshoot many SQL Server-related problems.

Still using standard SQL Server Profiler? See why our tool is a way better:

Full support for Extended Events

Higher performance

Minimal server load

1000+ traceable events

Query syntax highlighting

Filtering and sorting in the grid

How can Event Profiler help DBAs and developers?

  • Monitor the activity of SQL Server Database Engine, Analysis Services, and Integration Services
  • Monitor and identify performance-related problems with front-end application, queries, T-SQL, transactions, and much more
  • Perform query analysis of execution plans
  • Monitor and identify SQL Server errors and warnings
  • Audit user activity
  • Analyze, group, and aggregate trace results, and save them to a file
  • Create own custom traces and save them for future use
  • View how SQL Server works when interacting with a client
  • Debug T-SQL code and stored procedures
  • Perform stress testing
  • Perform quality assurance testing
Part of dbForge Studio for SQL Server

If you want to get the event profiling features together with other database-related functionality for performing tasks, try out dbForge Studio for SQL Server, Professional Edition — management and administration tool for SQL Server.

dbForge Event Profiler is a part of dbForge Developer Bundle, a massive collection of 13 tools for database development and management.