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Smart Code Completion and SQL Formatting

dbForge SQL Complete is an add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio that speeds up SQL code writing, offers context-based smart suggestions, performs automatic formatting, refactoring and a lot of other things that save your time and effort in the database development process.

Context-based Autocompletion

Code Completion

As you are typing code, SQL Complete displays context-based keywords, object names, and code phrases.

Renaming Objects and Variables

SQL Refactoring

When you rename an object or variable, SQL Complete automatically corrects all references to them.

Formatting Profiles

Code Snippets

SQL statements and wildcards may be expanded to a full code template by pressing the Tab key.

SQL Code Formatting

SQL Code Formatting

Create or customize formatting profiles so that the code is formatted in accordance with your preferences.

Why Choose SQL Complete instead of T-SQL IntelliSense®

Increased Productivity

Much faster work

SQL Complete is designed to increase productivity. Developers and DBAs working with SQL become much faster thanks to our tool, as it provides smart prompts based on the code context, selected database, etc. The application takes the smallest hint to guess what you are trying to write.

SQL Server versions supported

Pretty code with SQL formatting

SQL Complete gives you a great opportunity to fight unintelligible poorly formatted SQL code. Set the wide range of formatting options so that the code is formatted in accordance with your needs and preferences - code will be easier to read, understand, debug, and test.

SQL Formatting

Coding standards

Have you ever faced a problem when developers within your team invent their own SQL coding standards? With SQL Complete you can customize code style settings, share them with others using the Import and Export settings wizard, and even start over by resetting custom settings to their default values.

Code Styles Customization

Support for all SQL Server versions

With standard tool you won't get SQL Server Management Studio IntelliSense for all versions of Microsoft SQL Server. SQL Complete supports all of them! Just install your server and our application - and work wonders in your SQL coding!

SQL Complete Express - Free Add-in for SSMS

Express Edition

Use SQL Complete Express, if:

  • You are a newbie in development
  • This edition suits your business needs and budget
  • You are an enthusiast working for nonprofit organizations such as universities, churches, educational institutions, municipalities, etc.
Express Edition

FREE edition provides:

  • Code completion for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, EXEC, and DELETE statements
  • Basic SQL formatting functionality
  • Smart filtering in the suggestion list
  • Parameter information for procedures and functions

dbForge Developer Bundle for SQL Server

An ultimate kit of twelve database development and management tools in one package. Grab the full power of dbForge Developer Bundle for SQL Server and benefit from a sensational discount in comparison with buying tools separately.

Developer Bundle Save up to 25

Discount Programs

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You can get a significant discount, and even a free license, by spreading a word about SQL Complete.

Devart High Five Program for SQL Complete

Get 50% OFF for switching to dbForge for SQL Server tools from competing tools!

SQL Complete competitive upgrade

What people say

Just thought I'd let you know that you've all done an awesome job fixing that issue - thank you all so very much. No more crashes and I have to say that I'm extremely impressed with your response times, issue resolution times and customer service - all excellent!
Well done and thank you all so much!!!

Tony Hales, Software Developer, DeMontfort Fine Art

By the way SQL Complete is one of the greatest tools I've seen for SQL Server.

Andreas Fuchs, IT Systemtechnik, Soennecken