Decrypt SQL Server Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and Views

It is not uncommon when database developers need a quick way to decrypt an encrypted stored procedure in a customer database. dbForge SQL Decryptor decrypts encrypted stored-procedures, views, triggers, and functions for FREE!
The tool provides you with the highly responsive UI, syntax highlighting, unicode support, batch mode, decryption caching and much more

Features Highlight

Decrypt all possible object types

Stored procedures (including numbered procedures and replication filters), functions (scalar, inline and multistatement table-valued), triggers (on tables, on views, on databases, and on server instances) and views.

Supported Object Types

No DAC connection is required

Similar tools compel you to use Dedicated Administrator Connection mode to decrypt an object, which may lead to certain difficulties with reconfiguring the whole server. dbForge SQL Decryptor does not require this mode, but doesn't prohibit to use it, because you can save some time while decrypting objects in large databases.

SSMS-like Object Explorer

You can do everything in a familiar way: connect to as many server instances as you like and browse all available databases.

Syntax highlighting

A build-in text editor allows you to see the original object definition with syntax highlighting , which facilitates reading of source code.

Saving definition to file

You can save every decrypted definition to a file with UTF-8 encoding, which preserves all national characters.

Batch decryption wizard

Decrypt all or particular objects with extra convenient and simple wizard, then save definitions to one or several files, or just alter database objects in-place.

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What people say

We use Team Foundation Server at work, and today I wanted to look at one of their encrypted stored procedures. Fortunately, SQL Decryptor will decrypt them without a problem. The interface is snazzy and it feels like a classier version of Management Studio.
I'm looking forward to seeing more tools by this company.

Well done to whoever decided to make this free!!! It is an amazing tool and vital for developers! SSMS needs to take into account that there must be an easier way to decrypt objects. I don't think I can thank enough, but THANK YOU!